Join or Renew for 2015


Membership is 1st January – 31st December of the year you join

Subscription to the 'Sunbeam Owners Fellowship' is; £15.00 UK or £ 20.00 Overseas

Pay as many years in advance as you wish, just multiply subs by how many years you want

Please print and return to address on form

SOF Membership form

You can pay via Paypal. To help with PayPal charges we request an additional

70 Pence charge.


2015 Membership

To Join the forum (which is free for basic access) simply click on the following link.


Joining Form


Or you can click on the create account link on the Forum Tab.


Forum Tab


Once you have completed the required fields and sent it off to me, I will confirm your details and give you access to the basic sections of the to our wonderful forum (and it is pretty good, 8 out of 10 cats prefer it).


Another bounus is if you are a  paid up member, please email/PM me and I will upgrade your access to include the member only sections.



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