A Sunbeam S7 Deluxe

Produced from Spring 1949 until 1956, approximately 5500 manufactured.

Distinctive features

  • Available in 'Mist Green' (some were supplied in standard BSA colours, especially to Canada and USA)

  • Sunbeam designed front suspension, shares no parts with BSA

  • Normal 'Lucas MC45L' dynamo

  • Normal control levelers

  • Cantilever seat suspension

  • Tank badges blue on early bikes, and yellow later

  • Cigar shaped exhaust

  • Flat pressed steel carburettor cover

  • Horn mounted on the frame behind the rear brake peddle

  • Balloon tyres

  • Side stand

  • Normal main stand

  • Flat petrol cap

  • Tax disk holder in the front suspension fork shroud

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